Don't be Fooled by Deceptive Marketing, False Claims, Inferior Technology and Cheap Remotes!


“Cheap Remote" technology is obsolete and outdated and its components are of the poorest quality. As the original and patented wireless system for Boat and yacht Control, Yacht Controller’s customer base of over 18,000 boats ranging in size to over 150 ft and spanning more than 200 boat brands, has firmly established itself as a safe wireless control system allowing clients to fully enjoy the boating experience without undue stress associated with docking and maneuvering in tight quarters.

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Over the years several fly-by-night companies have attempted to copy the Yacht Controller system. However, each has ultimately failed, causing their unsuspecting and uneducated clients to experience boat crashes, failure of transmissions, electronic controls, thrusters and damage to persons and property.

Don’t be fooled by misleading and false statements made by others trying to win you over with price and lies rather than experience and proven technology. After all this is more than just a remote control for your boat. Our patented system protects your investment and safety. And, that’s worth a lot more than saving a few bucks.

Rogue Remote System Uninstall

Typical False Claims and Misleading Comparisons

These are some of the typical false claims and outright lies made by the makers of cheap imitations:

“Our single band frequency system is better than a dual band system."

FALSE! Even a neophyte can easily understand that multiple redundancies in anything create the most secure and reliable system since every remote including garage door openers search for channels within a frequency. This is specifically why we engineered and developed the Dual Band System as we recognized the insecurity of a single band system.

With the explosion of wireless devices now on the market, frequencies many times are overloaded, our Dual Band system transmits constantly and simultaneously on two bands 4 times a second guaranteeing if a frequency is overloaded the connection jumps to the other frequency and the connection will be remain secure, that is specifically why we developed the dual band system as we saw this coming years ago. Others simply do not have the expertise to duplicate it, so they mislead purchasers.


“Wires are never cut or spliced when installing our system”

FALSE! Their installation instructions clearly show cutting of wires for the engines and or thruster systems. Yacht Controller never cuts wires and is a full Plug and play integration which does not cut or bypass your manufactures installed electronic system, so it is secure, safe and does not void any warranties.

“Our product carries a long-term warranty."

FALSE! Experience has shown they are never around long enough to provide any service much less any warranty since they are shell companies that fail, close and reconstitute themselves under a different name in search of new victims, sometimes even claiming to be our Yacht Controller branded systems.

Buyer beware. Yacht Controller has faithfully served the market and earned our Gold Standard reputation over more than years.
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Dual Band System transmits with proprietary protocol simultaneously using two frequencies automatically selecting the strongest and most secure connection for maximum safety as proven oven thousands of installed systems on virtually every brand of boat. If one frequency is interrupted by rogue signals from restaurants, service companies, ham radios or government agencies, the other frequency provides uninterrupted connection and security between the two frequencies for the best and most robust signal and does not depend on a fringe connection of a frequency hopping system which is trying to remain stable like listening to a radio with static because you cannot connect directly to the station (or main frequency). Dual band overcomes the issues of a single band vulnerability which is subject to interruption at any time especially due to the growth of more 433 MHz wireless devices of all kinds on the market.*

Many features of our Yacht Controller systems are of course not discussed by the pretenders as they simply don’t have them. These advanced, and unrivaled technology features can be seen here. These are worth reading about, along with our other pages regarding technical compliance to International Standards. These compliance documents are conspicuously absent from the cheap Yacht Controller knock-offs. And of course, there are our hundreds of written and video testimonials to back up our leading technology.

Protect and enjoy your investment with an original Yacht Controller system, don’t risk a cheap imitation as you will pay many times over when you have an incident and be holding your breath in anticipation of that every time you use it. This has been proven over and over again as we remove these failed systems from yachts prior to installing the original Yacht Controller.

Do you have a sizable investment in a yacht that you love? Do you want to risk it with a cheap and inferior knock off to control it or the real deal? Yacht Controller is the proven wireless remote control system for your valuable and beloved asset.

Rogue wireless remotes = bad knock offs, old and unsecure technology that can cause critical failures! Do not be lured by low prices as the technology is equally low and unsafe.

Insist on proven and reliable technology!

We welcome the opportunity to show you the difference that high quality components, superior technology and decades of experience make.