Don't be Fooled by Deceptive Marketing, False Claims, Inferior Technology and Cheap Remotes!

We’ve taken the liberty of correcting some of the bogus claims (and outright lies) made by the various companies peddling inferior and fake knock-off remotes:

Don’t be fooled by these fly-by-night companies! Their technology is far from state-of-the-art. Don’t risk you yacht investment and safety with a cheaply made yacht remote.
Do you have to cut or splice any wires to install a Dockfake system?
Below are only some of the many examples where wires are cut to controls and are not plug-and-play as stated. Yacht Controller modules ARE plug and play!
Here’s an example of ZF MATHERS MICRO COMMANDER SYSTEM wires being cut!!

Here’s an example of a Thruster controller system wires being cut!!


Is Dockmate a local company?
Dockmate is a local USA parts, service and delivery company
Yes very local. They operate their entire US operation out of a small nondescript warehouse while Falsely implying Yacht Controller, who operates via two company-owned buildings in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale and boasts a strong nationwide dealer network, is headquartered in Italy. We are not.

Compare that to the Yacht Controller headquarters
US Offices and Showroom
Improving the docking experience for thousands of boaters worldwide since 2012!
This is a bald face lie as the company was formed in march 2018 and has only a handful of systems installed. See official Sunbiz filing here »
Why is Dockmate so much less expensive than the competition?
Regardless of the poor explanation below, a yacht control is not controlling a TV, and the fact is that the Dockmate components are the cheapest and poorest quality, whereas Yacht Controller always uses the very best components for the most durable, dependable, and longest lasting systems as proven by Yacht Controllers in continuous use for more than 16 years and working perfectly.
Click here to see a detailed explanation of Dockmate’s poor quality

As technology improves over time, costs will typically come down with the advancements. Remember when plasma TVs were first introduced into the market? In 2002 a 42″ SONY plasma TV was the BEST technology you could buy and cost $13,999! Now, you can buy a 43″ SONY 4K UHD Smart TV for $650!

Notice how high-tech products, whether it be smart phones or cars, like Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, etc. cost more. It’s because high-tech costs more! Outdated and obsolete technology like Dockmate’s can always be had for less as it does less, and does it poorly.
Frequency hopping is advanced technology
False – This is completely Dockfake! Frequency Hopping is 80 year old technology and very highly limited which Yacht Controller abandoned more than 10 years ago when it invented the Dual band System. A single band system is confined to using only a super slim spectrum of 433.1-433.5 MHz of a single frequency, AND it is the most used frequency in the world.
Frequency Hopping technology is inexpensive and used on remote controls for garage door or gates, where total security is not crucial, That is why your garage door opener panel has a button to turn off remote access, because at any time a passerby may open it. At best, it is good for that one click. But your boat has to use multiple commands and these commands must be repeated for the duration of docking. That usually takes several minutes!
This picture is shows the functioning mode within the 433.1-433.5 MHz frequency used by Dockfake as you can see under the magnifying glass, when seen in the perspective of a possible 1000MHz range, the DM spectrum is almost infinitesimal.
Furthermore, the following diagram shows how interference anywhere in spectrum width of 500 KHz  blanketing over that  ( 0,5 MHz ), easily covers the amplitude of the 5 hoppings of Dockfake, causing failure of the system. If the interference is continuous these systems will not work at all, BUT if the interference is intermittent serious issues will occur because the Dockfake commands will operate sporadically making the boat uncontrollable.
DUAL BAND OPERATION: The following diagram shows the YACHT CONTROLLER dual bands system which is constantly transmitting simultaneously on both bands using the entire spectrum to avoid interference. Safety First and always as proven over 16 years and more than 18,000 satisfied and safe boats using the Yacht Controller system.
Yacht Controller, the inventor of wireless command for boats, is always Safety First!
Are Dockmate interfaces professionally built and weatherproof?
Absolutely NOT

dockmate interface for Rexroth MTU Blue Line Electronics

Look how a Dockmate interface is not professionally built.  The Dockmate T-cabling, is inserted by cutting into the original cabling in a handmade way. Three interface boards that are left in the open that most certainly, within a few months of exposure to the salt air, will be damaged and malfunction.

Compare that to the YACHT CONTROLLER interface for MTU BLUE LINE

It is housed in a waterproof ABS box protecting the electronics and the related cables are all Plug and Play professional and waterproof. Yachtcontroller Rexroth blueline Yacht Controller – safety first and 18,000 boats over years have proven our quality and reliability!
What do the media and customers think of fake remotes?

In stark contrast, Yacht Controller has been featured in more than 35 trade articles — All Positive!
Yacht Controller also has over 300 customer written and video testimonials raving about our product… including boat builders and brokers.
Is a Dockmate receiver professionally made and waterproof?

NO AND NO! IT IS AWFUL WITH AN IP (Ingress Protection) RATING OF 50!


Click here to see IP Code Ratings Chart »

And, here is the Dockmate specification:

The Dockmate receiver electronics are contained in a cheap plastic box with no waterproofing. Seeing the photos below take notice there are no weatherproof gaskets much less waterproofing. Obviously this receiver in a marine environment of moisture and salt air means certain deterioration in a short time as corrosion occurs. That means failure is certain creating severe issues when it happens. Also note how chaotic the wiring is the interior with many cables looping everywhere like spaghetti for connecting plugs to the boards making it inherently flimsy. It also uses cheap and unreliable connectors!
Notice, not even a weatherproof gasket, just a cheap plastic box.

The YACHT CONTROLLER Receiver is made of a waterproof ABS box with an IP 66 international rating:
It has a special embedded o type compression gasket to resist salt air and water intrusion as well as screw on hi quality waterproof cables and fittings.
The photos above show the inside of a Yacht Controller receiver. The left image shows the CPU and the DUAL BAND radio frequency module installed,  and right image shows the receiver with all modules. Notice, this is a hi tech professional slotted modular system, whereby removing or adding modules is quick, clean and secure without any loose wires floating around the inside the receiver or depending on a homemade assembly of a spaghetti of wires to be connected. The photos show there are NO CABLES that connect the plugs to the boards because all the plugs are securely soldered to the boards.
Additionally, Yacht Controller uses 5 micro processors for security, dockmate uses ONE. Yes 5 microprocessors cost more! We believe in safety first and that your boat, family and friends are worth it. In the red circles of the photos below you can see there is one microprocessor on each board for a total of 5 microprocessors and not just one as Dockmate uses. Additionally, each function of the YACHT CONTROLLER receiver is controlled by at least two microprocessors, one on the board and one on the CPU for the maximum reliability and safety. This is dual Microprocessor reliability controlling 4 relays for each function, not just two relays and one microprocessor found in the cheap imitations.
Is dual band better than single band?
Simply stated, NO! Dockfake uses an infinitely superior, state of the art 2-way FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) with 88bit encoding, and FM modulation on the 433 MHz frequency that is 80 year old technology. FACT: Even a novice can easily understand dual redundancy with any device is twice as superior than a single unit Yacht Controller left Single band technology behind in 2008 due to the high traffic use of especially the very jammed 433. The dual bands reinforce and refresh each-others signal at 16 times a second more than 3 times faster than the Dockfake system for greater security.
Can other Dockmate remotes (and other wireless devices) interfere with my boat?
NO, due to the type of RF communication we use, it virtually eliminates any possible interference from other Dockmate systems. FALSE: Of course! by the nature of the signal the frequency hopping has a limited band width which can be interrupted by use on the signal especially in marinas where boats are close by. Think of it as a garage door remote with the garage doors side by side. Easy to have an unexpected action at any time.
What is the range of Dockmate?
The operating range of the Dockmate with the standard antenna is approximately 150 ft. We offer an antenna extension cable for $50 that improves the range to over 500 ft! There is no need to install an expensive range extender/RF repeater for vessels over 83 ft. FACT: Yacht Controller systems are designed and custom installed to provide a precise umbrella of coverage more than 30 ft off the perimeter of a boat for safety, not just to throw out inflated numbers to boast of extended coverage.
Is there anything unique about Dockmate?
YES, the Dockmate has several unique features: Such as – State-of-the-art 2-way FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) communication between the remote and receiver. FALSE: This 80 year old technology from 1942 cannot be considered state-of-the art by anyone and is only used for garage door openers etc. where security is not a priority, whereas burglar alarms and mission critical systems are all dual band.
Does Dockmate have throttle control?
YESDockmate offers optional PROPORTIONAL throttle control on the TWIST remote (the more you push on the joystick, the more throttle is provided) and incremental throttle with the TWIN remote (push a button and the throttle jumps up to a designated RPM). FACT:Yacht Controller offers the user the ability to set five profiles of power and time to customize incremental throttle use rather than a Dockmate which is single control.
What is Dockmate?
Dockmate is the latest in advanced, yet very affordable wireless remote control technology for your boat. FALSE; the technology used by Dockmate was created in the early 1900’s and is long ago outdated for high security and critical systems.
What is the Dockmate warranty?
The Dockfake warranty is 3 years and we also offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If the transmitters are accidentally dropped overboard, they will float and the warranty will not be voided! FACT: Easy to offer anything by a company that is 5 months old.