Don't be Fooled by Deceptive Marketing, False Claims, Inferior Technology and Cheap Remotes!

17 key issues for you to consider:

  1. These knock offs use Single Band Frequency. YC uses Dual band. Although they claim single frequency automatically scrolls to source a strong single frequency.

    This is incorrect and false.

    We have established long ago that using our Dual band proprietary scrolling frequency provides the best secured and safe system, since if a frequency is jammed by signals such as restaurants, service companies, ham radios or government agencies, our other frequency provides uninterrupted connection and is secure since the system continuously pages between the two frequencies for the best signal. Only our dual Dual band provides this level of security for your valuable asset.

  2. Knock offs have a single processor compared to YC’s multiprocessor communication with dual relay system for communication which provides more than double the safety.

    Therefore, unlike rogue systems, YC does not depend on a single relay to confirm commands but rather multiple relays to confirm each single command thereby providing double the security that the command is not accidental by fused relays or electrical issues.

  3. Knock offs use Single processor with single relay found in these systems fail in event of short circuit, from oxidation or other causes and could activate an unrequested command with possible fusing of this command (which would lock the command in activation mode and cause run away engines or thrusters)
  1. They provide NO diagnostics tests in the software, therefore there is no indication to the user in event of a malfunction to avoid an incident. While failure is extremely unlikely with YC in such event in any segment of our software using continuous diagnostics checking will set off sequential audible alarms indicating the type of failure. For example, low voltage to the system would set-off its unique audible alarm. This diagnostics check is performed to confirm many variables for example, low/high voltage, failed individual modules for functions like thruster control, improperly installed functional modules, failed power supply module and much more.

  2. LED’s on the YC receiver confirm proper functioning of its individual processors. This is nonexistent on knock off systems.

  3. Knock off systems do not have an acoustical alarm on the receiver acknowledging the power up and connection mode between receiver and transmitter. This creates an unsafe power up and take command procedure as the user cannot acoustically know when the system is activated or engaged. Acoustical signals for power up and taking command are standard safety protocol in all marine propulsions system and also found in YC.

  4. YC has a specified and dedicated take command/engage control to ensure proper and safe transfer of power which also makes it compliant with regulations, knock off systems do not have this important stand-alone safety feature.

  5. YC has silicone key pad membranes with rated for over 250,000 clicks. Knock offs use polycarbonate keyboard rated at less than 10,000.0 clicks greatly reducing life span and reliability. This polycarbonate also cancels the remotes ability to be dust and water proof.

  6. YC key pad levers are designed by Porsche making them ergonomic, distinctive and intuitive for the user to identify the commands by touch without having to look down at the remote, and divert their attention from the boat and surroundings when docking. This design greatly increases safety and intuitive reaction to all situations.

  7. The YC receiver box is IP65 rated and manufactured of highest quality and safety against humidity and water intrusion. YC housings have been proven and standardized in the industry now for over 20 years knock off receiver boxes are not water tight and generally made of a substandard plastic housing without gaskets making them very vulnerable to humidity, salt corrosion deterioration and failure.

  8. YC uses proprietary interfaces to connect through your manufacturers electronic control system which recognize YC as another station. Most knock off systems are analog and connect for the most part by cutting the manufacture control system wires and by-pass their systems which has proven to cause failures and accidents.

  9. YC’s cable harness’ and cable end connectors are supplied by the leading manufacturer in the sector and certified for marine application. Knock offs are generally  equipped with substandard connectors and cables without marine quality certifications which can easily corrode causing failure of the system and short life span.

  10. YC has many compliance certifications to meet safety standards via outside testing laboratory IMQ of which some of those results to exceed those of control manufacturer helm fixed shift/throttle control systems. An array of these certifications is available for inspection on the Yacht Controller website. Knock off system companies self-certify their products so there is no outside assurance of the systems.

  11. YC has product liability insurance with multi-million dollar coverage which it should be noted has never been called upon, unlike knock off companies which are uninsured and some of which have gone out of business due to failures.

  12. YC holds multiple patents for its products in the US and internationally and knock off systems which infringe are these patents are pursued with litigation as can be their users who knowingly aid in such infringement

  13. YC is certified in partnership with many companies including Aventics MAN, MTU and Glendinning and others.

  14. YC has been in business for 15 years with over 10,000 sold systems on more than 200 Brands of boats ranging in size to 150 ft. and has an integrated world-wide sales and service network

Yacht Controller is the indisputed leader in service and technology. Enjoy piece of mind with Yacht Controller, the most trusted brand in the marine industry.

Yacht Controller – sometimes imitated but never duplicated – the most trusted control in the marine industry.