Don't be Fooled by Deceptive Marketing, False Claims, Inferior Technology and Cheap Remotes!

Cheap Knock-Off wireless remote control systems use shortcuts on materials and technology, thus sacrificing safety for cost

The things that make these cheaply made knock-offs inferior to Yacht Controller  are not a matter of cost reductions in the electronics market. Quite the opposite is happening in the marine electronics business, as anyone dealing in these specialized microprocessors can attest. Rather, these cheap “clones" are constructed with inferior materials and technology to cost less.

Here are some specific examples:

For example, their receivers are housed in a cheap, poor quality, non-waterproof, plastic box, which leads to faults in the electronic components after a short period of exposure to salt air. This displays not only their intent to make profit with cheap materials, but also their lack of experience in making a product for the marine industry. Such ventures are doomed to failure as any certified marine technician can confirm.

Another example is their use of only a single band to reduce costs at the sacrifice of safety. The robust dual band components in Yacht Controller’s receiver, transmitter and dual antennas may cost more, but only because safety is our #1 priority!… not cost. With over 17,000 Yacht Controller systems safely in use prove this every day. Our first model, in 2003, had only one band, but by 2008 we designed abandoned this cheap technology in favor of a new Dual Band model because we realized that the world was becoming wireless, and that a single band system could not provide the redundancy and safety of a dual band system.  And, we had the advanced engineering capability to create and test it.

Our guiding engineering and manufacturing philosophy is and always has been Safety First.

A third example of poor quality is the microprocessor used by cheap knok-off remotes which is a cheap and inferior 8 bit system. 8 bit microprocessors are only safely used in wireless toys! Whereas Yacht Controller uses 32 bit microprocessors which are the standard in the professional marine sector. While costing more, these superior processors offer the security and performance required for yacht controller applications. We don’t cut corners on safety!

The knock-off transmitter housing is a copy of our housing used since 2006 and is obviously designed to mislead unwary customers that it is of the same quality as the Yacht Controller product.  However it is not, and the cheap knock-off companies, as usual, to save cost at the expense of quality, use a black raw housing. The Yacht Controller housing is treated with 2 coats of finish + 1 coat of transparent protective varnish to provide the needed resistance that will last years in any kind of weather and environmental conditions.

Additionally, our unique micro lever controls created by Porsche Design make the use of the Yacht Controller transmitter ergonomic and safe. The controles are tested to withstand more than 250,000 uses, rather than a flat button, with a fraction of use capability and no ergonomics. Cheap remote manufacturers put cost before safety and durability.

Incredibly, these knock-offs do not use certified cables, but rather cheap cables built in the Far East; whereas Yacht Controller cables are built specifically for us by the German multinational company PHOENIX CONTACT, a recognized leader in its sector, so they are reliable, durable and safe.

Many other “shortcut to savings” have been made by the knock-off remotes. And, by continuing to research and ask the tough questions, you will find these out for yourself.

Why risk your yacht investment of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars just to save a buck on a cheap product that is simply a poor imitation of Yacht Controller?